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CppHeaderParser is a pure python C++ header parser that parses C++ headers and creates a data structure that you can use to do many types of things. We’ve found it particularly useful for creating programs that generate python wrappers around existing C++ programs.

robotpy-cppheaderparser is a fork of the CppHeaderParser library originally created by @senex. CppHeaderParser is an excellent library and critical to some of the stuff we do in the RobotPy project. Unfortunately, the maintainer seems to be busy, so robotpy-cppheaderparser was born.

We aim to maintain (some) compatibility with the existing code and make improvements and bugfixes as we need them – though some decisions made early on in this code’s development means some compatibility may be broken as things get fixed.

If you find an bug, we encourage you to submit a pull request! New changes will only be accepted if there are tests to cover the change you made (and if they don’t break existing tests).


CppHeaderParser only does some very minimal interpretation of preprocessor directives – and we’re looking at removing some of that from this library. If you need anything complex, you should preprocess the code yourself. You can use the excellent pure python preprocessor pcpp, or the preprocessing facilities provided by your favorite compiler.


Documentation can be found at


pip install robotpy-cppheaderparser


BSD License


Originally developed by Jashua Cloutier, this fork is maintained by the RobotPy project.

Past contributors include:

  • Jashua Cloutier
  • Chris Love
  • HartsAntler